Classes Taught

These are some of the classes I have taught over the years. 

Budgeting & Finance

Public Budget and Finance (undergraduate), Financial Administration and Budgeting (graduate/undergraduate), Budgeting and Finance in the Public Sector (graduate), Financial Best Practices for Decision Makers (undergraduate), State and Local Public Finance (graduate)

Research Methods

Research Methods for Public Management (undergraduate), Political Research Methods with Lab (graduate/undergraduate), Applied Research Methods (graduate), Statistics for Social Science (undergraduate), Qualitative Analysis (graduate), Research Methods (undergraduate)

State and Local Government

State and Local Administration (graduate/undergraduate), Community and Regional Planning (graduate/undergraduate), State and Local Government (undergraduate), American State and Local Government (undergraduate), State and Local Government (undergraduate)

Intergovernmental Relations

Intergovernmental Relations (graduate/undergraduate), Seminar on Intergovernmental Relations (graduate), Intergovernmental Relations (graduate)

Human Resources and Organization Studies

Managing People in Public Sector (undergraduate), Managing Public and Private Organizations (graduate), Public Sector Management (graduate), Leadership Theory (undergraduate)

Public Policy

Public Policy Analysis (graduate), Politics, Policy and Public Administration (graduate)

Capstone and Seminar

Capstone Public Administration (graduate), University Seminar: The Power of Story (undergraduate)